iOS Support, More Tires Added

TireDB now supports iPad and iPhone. Previously there were issues with the size sliders that have now been resolved. We have also reworked the classification on some tires to better match their intended use.

A number of new tires have been added as well.

  • Cooper
    • Zeon RS3-A
  • Falken
    • FK452
    • Azenis PT722 A/S
    • ZIEX ZE-912
  • Michelin
    • Pilot Sport Cup ZP
  • Pirelli
    • PZero Corsa
    • PZero Corsa System
  • Toyo
    • Proxes 1
    • Proxes 4
    • Proxes T1 Sport
    • Proxes RA1

Wheel Width Search and More Tires Added

TireDB has a new feature to search for tires based on wheel width. Select the width of your wheel and TireDB will show you all tires that will fit.

We have also added some more tires to the search:

  • Bridgestone
    • Potenza G 019 Grid
    • Potenza RE92
    • Potenza RE92a
  • Dunlop
    • SP Sport 7000 A/S
    • SP Sport Signature (H&V)
  • Hankook
    • Optimo H426
  • Kumho
    • Ecsta AST
    • Ecsta LX Platinum
  • Michelin
    • Pilot Exalto A/S

Size Comparison, More DOT R Comps added

TireDB now has the ability to take your stock tire diameter and calculate how much each tire in the search results will affect your speedometer.

We have also added some more tires to the search:

  • Kumho
    • Ecsta V700
    • Ecsta V710
    • Ecsta W710
    • VictoRacer V700
  • Michelin
    • Pilot Sport Cup+ / N-Spec

All season tires added, more winter tires added

I’m pleased to announce that TireDB is now tracking high performance all season tires. We’ve also added more winter tires as well. You can see a list of additions below.

  • High Performance All Season
    • BF Goodrich
      • g-Force Super Sport A/S
      • g-Force T/A KDWS
    • Bridgestone
      • Potenza RE960AS Pole Position
      • Potenza RE970AS Pole Position
    • Dunlop
      • SP Sport 5000 M
      • SP Sport 5000 Symmetrical
      • SP Sport 7010 A/S DSST
      • SP Sport Signature
    • Goodyear
      • Eagle F1 All Season
      • Eagle GT
    • Hankook
      • Ventus V4 ES H105
    • Kumho
      • Ecsta ASX
    • Michelin
      • Pilot Sport A/S Plus
      • Pilot Sport A/S Plus ZP
    • Pirelli
      • PZero Nero All Season
      • PZero Nero All Season RFT
      • PZero Nero M&S
    • Sumitomo
      • HTR A/S P01
    • Yokohama
      • ADVAN S.4.
      • AVID ENVigor
  • Winter
    • Cooper
      • Weather-Master S/T 2
      • Weather-Master WSC
    • Falken
      • Espia EPZ
      • Eurowinter HS439

'Uber' Search Option, Winter Tires

TireDB now has an ‘Uber’ search option. This option allows you to search for tires by brand, type, width, sidewall height, wheel diameter, tire diameter, and weight.

We’ve also added winter tires to our database. We currently index the following winter tires

  • Bridgestone
    • Blizzak LM-60
    • Blizzak WS-60
    • Blizzak WS-70
  • Continental
    • ExtremeWinterContact
  • Dunlop
    • SP Winter Sport 3D
    • SP Winter Sport M3
    • Graspic DS-3
  • Michelin
    • Pilot Alpin PA2
    • Pilot Alpin PA3
    • Primacy Alpin PA3
    • X-Ice Xi2
  • Toyo
    • Observe Garit KX
    • Snowprox S952
    • Observe G-02 Plus
    • Observe G2S

More winter tires to come!

More Tires Added

Some changes have been made to how the standard and staggered search works.

Previously there was an option to search for a range of wheel diameters on both the standard and staggered search. We received a fair amount of negative feedback about this, so we are changing how that particular slider works. On the standard search you are now able to pick a single wheel diameter. On the staggered search you are able to pick a different wheel diameter for the front and back tires.

On the staggered search we increased the diameter variance allowed from .1” to .2”.

Also, more tires have been added to TireDB.

  • Bridgestone
    • Potenza RE050
    • Potenza RE050 RFT
    • Potenza RE050A
    • Potenza RE050A I RFT
    • Potenza RE050A Pole Position
    • Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT
    • Potenza S001
    • Potenza S-02
    • Potenza S-02 A
    • Potenza S-04 Pole Position
  • Dunlop
    • Sport Maxx GT DSST
  • Continental
    • ContiSportContact 2
    • ContiSportContact 2 SSR
    • ContiSportContact 3
    • ContiSportContact 3 SSR
    • ExtremeContact DW
  • Goodyear
    • Eagle F1 Asymmetric
    • Eagle F1 GS-D3
    • Eagle F1 Supercar
  • Kumho
    • Ecsta LE Sport
  • Michelin
    • Pilot Sport
    • Pilot Sport 3
    • Pilot Sport PS2
    • Pilot Sport PS2
  • Pirelli
    • PZero
    • PZero Nero
    • PZero RFT
    • PZero Rosso
  • Yokohama
    • ADVAN Sport
    • ADVAN Sport ZPS

Massive Changes

TireDB has undergone some significant changes.

  • Speed enhancements
    • Site resources have been compressed and combined (CSS and JS)
    • CSS Sprites have replaced static images
    • Database indexs added
    • Results pagination
  • New Tires
    • Dunlop
      • SP Sport Maxx
      • Direzza DZ101
      • SP Sport 01
      • SP Sport 01 DSST
      • SP Sport 01 DSST RunOnFlat
      • SP Sport 2050

Staggered Tire Search

I’m very happy to announce the availability of an advanced staggered tire search on TireDB. For each rear tire matching your search criteria TireDB will find matching front tires that are within +/- .1” in overall diameter.

I have also added Toyo Proxes T1R tires to the tire search.

New Tires!

I love tires


Continued Development

TireDB continues to improve!

  • Updated the tire search results to have a floating header.
  • Cleaned up some duplicate tire entries.
  • Speed improvements.
  • Added Hankook Ventus V12 Evo, Sumitomo HTR ZIII

Site updates

Some recent changes to

  • Added Pirelli PZero System tires to the search. More Pirelli tires will be included in the future.
  • The search results now refresh automatically after you change the search parameters
  • Some visual improvements have been made to the search (cursors, spacing, etc.)
  • The blog has been updated! Blog

I’ve added a blog to Check back for updates on recently added tires and search features!